My Gluten Free Eats in Dewey Beach, Delaware


I recently went on vacation to Dewey Beach, DE with my family and our friends’ families.  I was planning on blogging about all of the places I went to with gluten free food. As it turned out, we ate most meals at home (which wasn’t a bad thing) so I will just let you know about the 2 places I DID go as well as a gluten free pizza crust that my friend, Brooke, made.

The first night at the beach Brooke made everyone pizza.  She had even texted me ahead of time to see if I could eat Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix.  This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but for those of us that have a food allergy/sensitivity it means SO MUCH when someone goes out of their way to include you.  She was even mindful to roll out my dough and use the cutter first for my pizza and wash everything to avoid cross-contamination.  Thanks, Brooke!


She made me a margherita pizza which is topped with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and tomato sauce. It was delicious!  The crust was thicker (but there was enough that it could’ve been rolled thinner) and it had somewhat of a biscuit-like consistency.  “Bob” could’ve added some seasoning to the crust for more flavor but that is something that could easily be added to your liking.  It also made great lunch leftovers for the rest of our time at the beach!


The second night we went to Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach.  I used my Find Me Gluten Free app and it had said that there was not a gluten free menu but the last review was from 2 years ago.  My friends really wanted to eat here and I didn’t want to be the reason they didn’t.  I figured I’d give it a try thinking that surely in two year’s time they have come up with some gluten free options since a lot of places seem to be accommodating the gluten free crowd.  Well…I was wrong.  The waitress informed me that nothing was technically gluten free there because they use beer in almost everything they make (including their Midas Touch vinaigrette) so there is a chance of cross-contamination.  I ended up ordering the Pub Salad (spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrots) sans red onions because we are not friends.  I had to get the red wine and vinegar for my dressing because at 32 weeks pregnant I couldn’t have the homemade Caesar dressing (thanks, raw egg!) and I wasn’t feeling the goat cheese ranch, since goat cheese is not my friend either.  The salad was just OK.  The good news is that I didn’t get sick!  I was also thankful to be fueling my body with something healthy and also that there was even one option at all.  Also, Dogfish does have a gluten free bottled beer, Tweason’ale, but since I am preggers I did not indulge. (I don’t really like beer anyway.)



The third night my friend, Ryan, made some amazing pulled pork with a homemade gluten free BBQ sauce, corn on the cob, and baby potatoes.  It was amazing!  Sadly, it was so wonderful that I completely forgot to take pictures of the amazing-ness.   Womp Womp!

On our last full day we found ourselves on the Rehoboth boardwalk since it was overcast with showers. The kids wanted to go to Funland anyway for the games and rides.  Since there aren’t too many gluten free options on the boardwalk, according to my app, and some people were feelin’ pizza again, we ended up at Grotto’s.  I had wanted to try their gluten free pizza since I had heard they offered it last year.  I ordered the 9” gluten free pizza for $10.99, which I thought was reasonable.  The crust was the best I have had in my 4+ years gluten free!  It wasn’t cracker-like or too thick. It was somewhere in the middle and light and crispy.  Also, I did not get sick which means there was no cross-contamination in the kitchen while making my pizza.  The service was excellent as well.


All in all it was a fun and successful (=I didn’t get glutened) trip! Next year I hope to get to some additional places, including some breakfast/lunch/dessert places.

Where is your favorite gluten free place to eat at DE or NJ beaches?




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