Four Ways to Save Money When Eating Gluten Free


Hoping everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend!  Sorry for the late post, but we were celebrating 🙂

It’s probably no secret that eating gluten free can be expensive.  Gluten free foods tend to cost more and it can be a hang up for people who may be considering this dietary change.  Fear not!  Here are my top four ways I save money when eating gluten free:

  1. Use coupons – I try to save money when buying gluten free foods (and grocery shopping in general) by using coupons. There are several websites available that have coupons for gluten free products such as Mambo Sprouts, Common Kindness, and Green Moms Meet.  I also use because they will usually have a few gluten free items I buy.  Also, try searching “gluten free” or for your favorite products on the For the Mamas coupon database.  You can also sign up for coupons via email on company’s websites.  Just Google your favorite companies and see if they have coupons posted and/or have an email list so you can be notified when new coupons are released. Similarly, you can check company’s Facebook pages which will sometimes have coupons.  Just as an example, I recently reached out to Turkey Hill via Facebook message asking for coupons.  My mom had success in calling their customer service and asking for coupons (which you could do as well) and they were happy to oblige.  I thought it might be quicker to try Facebook and they sent me $10 in coupons within a few days!  (Turkey Hill is not a “gluten free” company but they have lots of gluten free options you can search here.)
  2. Ask for samples – One of the philosophies I believe in is “it never hurts to ask”.  What’s the worst that could happen?  They say “no” and you’re no worse off than if you never asked in the first place. So, I also reached out to KIND via Facebook message and asked for coupons and/or samples.  They told me they didn’t have any coupons right now but they could send me some samples. Within a few days this lovely box arrived with samples of 12, YES 12, different bars!!  These bars retail for well over $1.25 each! Stay tuned for a review post on each of those!
  3. Rebate apps for Smartphone users – I love to use ibotta (<—my referral link – I get $5 and you will get $10 once you sign up and redeem a rebate within 2 weeks if you decide it’s something you want to try.)  It’s quite easy to use.  Choose one of 80+ grocery stores and that store will have hundreds of ever-changing rebates for items purchased.  A lot of times they will have generic items (produce, salad dressing, cereal, etc.) listed and sometimes gluten free items too.  Even if you can’t find any gluten free stuff, you can still save on other items on your grocery bill.  One way to look at it is that you can then put that money towards your gluten free items.  Once you look through the list of rebates available you will either just click it to open rebate/add to your list, answer a question, or watch a 15 second video.  Then once you buy the item at said store you scan the bar code (I do it as I’m unloading my groceries), take a photo of receipt, and boom you get $ back.  (I am probably making it sound harder than it is.)  You can “cash in” once you reach $20.  I have gotten at LEAST $70-90 so far (I forget how many times I’ve cashed in!) and I am ready to cash in soon again.
  4. Shop the perimeter – Some of you have probably heard before that it’s healthier to shop the perimeter of the store (produce, meats, and diary) versus the middle aisles where all of the processed food is located. While it is important and true, it’s also where a lot of the “naturally” gluten free foods are. There’s no gluten in fruits and veggies, folks! Really, I feel most of the expense of gluten free shopping comes in when buying processed foods, which I try to limit for health reasons anyway.

How do you save money when shopping gluten free?  Share in the comments below!

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