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Helllllooooo, friends!  Well I certainly was NOT anticipating taking that long of a break, but sometimes life doesn’t happen according to plan, #amiright?!  I thought that once Gia fell into a rhythm I could find some time for blogging at least once a week. I mean, babies sleep A LOT.  I thought that with her napping and my oldest in preschool surely there would be time.  Well..then life happened.  G is a fussier baby than C was (thankfully, not colic-level, but still challenging).  We joke that she has FOMO (fear of missing out) because she doesn’t like to sleep until she has completely run out of gas.  Also, enter some unexpected snafus with C’s school schedule and some health issues with myself (which I may share later) it was just all too much!

Now that G is on much more of a schedule and C is in all day kindergarten (whaaa?) I am hoping that now is a better season of life to continue blogging.  As always, thanks for visiting!
Please share in the comments below what kind of posts you enjoy/would enjoy seeing: food reviews, recipe reviews/ideas, weekly roundup of some of my favorite things, gluten free info, something else…?

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