Gluten Free Eats in the Poconos


Hello, friends!  I’m still planning on posting on Sundays, so I apologize for the late post.  I was actually away for GIRL’S WEEKEND! Whaaaat?! This was a much needed get away time to just relax.  After all, self care makes me a better Mom, right?

We started off at Camelback Adventures and did the zip line down the mountain.  I am afraid of heights but I do like a little adventure from time to time!  I was feeling ok until I got off of the shuttle bus that took us to the top of the mountain.  I got off and saw how high the cable was (above the ski lifts!) and kind of started freaking out inside.  We had to step up on a platform while the staff got our harnesses clipped in properly.  Then, (the worst part) we had to step down, put our feet on the metal door in front of us, and sit down in the harness (picture an “L shape”).  This was the worst part fear-wise because you didn’t know when the door was going to open so the anticipation was building.  Then, BEEP!, the door opened and off we went.  I will say after I few seconds I literally said outloud, “Oh, this isn’t so bad!”  I just tried to focus on the beautiful view!  Sadly, I gave my phone to my friend at the bottom who didn’t participate because I was afraid I would drop it so I don’t have any action shots from my perspective.  It was super fun and I would definitely do it again!  That little speck is me!

After all of that adrenaline rush we needed lunch.  We decided on Barley Creek Brewing Company.  I was apprehensive because I have not had good luck at breweries and thought, “Will a place with ‘barley’ in the name actually have gluten fee stuff?” I was in luck!  They offered gluten free rolls for their burgers and sandwiches!  I opted for a Brewer’s Burger, a classic cheeseburger. It was cooked perfectly – medium-well as I requested – and was juicy and delicious!  Since their fries were fried in a shared fryer they let me sub a baked potato instead.  Everyone enjoyed their food and the service was great!  I would recommend it!

After lunch we went back to the townhouse we rented from Home Away.  I love how it was decorated!! We just hung out, drank some adult beverages, and got ready for our evening out.

Once we were dolled up we went to Bistecca by Il Mulino for dinner at Mount Airy Resort & Casino.  I got a tomato mozzarella salad for my entree because pretty much any time this is on a menu I get it!  I LOVE IT!  I got coffee after dinner which was served with a gluten-free biscotti-type cookie and rock candy which made for a cute presentation.  Sadly, the cookie tasted burnt even though it wasn’t. I didn’t eat more than one bite.  This is so random but…Carmen Sandiego was one of our servers (the actress who did her voice-over)! I totally didn’t believe her but I did some research on the wonder that is Google and her facts check out!!  Overall the service was great, but my food was just ok.  Not sure I’d recommend.

After a glorious night of uninterrupted sleep and sleeping in (so thankful!! #ilovesleep) we got up and packed up our things.  We happened upon Hickory Valley Farm Restaurant for breakfast before the drive home.  While they didn’t have gluten free options like toast or waffles, I was able to get a cheddar omelette and home fries without any issues.  The cool thing about their presentation was that everyone’s meal came in their own frying pan.  This gave me a bit of confidence that my stuff wouldn’t be cross-contaminated. The food itself was just OK.  There was some seasoning on the home fries that I wasn’t feelin’.  I can’t put my finger on what it was but I didn’t care for it.  It was kind of neat inside in the sense that it reminded me of my grandparents house with antique-looking things and kick-knacks on the walls.  The place was also decorated with pigs everywhere, so if you love piggies, then this is the place for you!

What an awesome weekend with some of my favorite ladies! Thank you to the dads for taking the kiddos off our hands and giving us a break from #momlife.  We all had a great time, but missed our families too!  It was great to get away and eat out and not get glutened!!  It’s something I always have anxiety about when traveling to a new place!  Have a great week!


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