Things I Love Thursday #1


Welcome to #thingsilovethursday, a round up of my favorite things from the week! I’m linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons.  Join the fun here!

  1. I decorated for fall! Although I love warm weather and fall means it’s getting colder, it’s one of my favorite times of year to decorate! Here’s a peek at my mantle.  (I don’t bust out the Halloween stuff until October.)
  2. Since CJ went to kindergarten this year the house is so much quieter.  It.Is.Glorious!  I still have G to keep me company but I am A LOT more Zen lately! Thankfully, he loves it and it gives him the consistent structure and constant stimulation that he needs.
  3. I’m basically addicted to ice cream and almost always eat the whole pint of Halo Top (that’s what they’re designed for, #amiright?)  It’s soooo hard to stop once you dig in.  I have only been successful at eating 1/2 a pint a few times. I have discovered that freezing the 4 oz noosa yogurts gives me a sweet treat at night to the tune of 150 calories and it’s a lot more budget friendly! Score! Plus, I love their cute messages on their lids (just like Halo Top). *The pumpkin flavor is processed in facility with wheat but it IS labeled as gluten free.  I have not had any issues with it. I have a non-Celiac sensitivity.
  4. This candle: American Home by Yankee Candle, Sweet & Salty Caramel. My favorite candles are the ones that smell like baked goods/yumminess.  No surprise there!  I picked this one up on clearance. Even better!
  5. Every day when CJ gets home he has to unpack his backpack and wash his hands before he gets snack.  The first thing he handed me were these hearts that he cut out at school.  He’s just the sweetest!

What are you loving lately? Comment below 🙂

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