WARNING: Be Careful With Van’s Gluten Free Waffles!


Just popping in for a quick post to let you know something that happened recently that could happen to you too!  Some of you may know that Van’s recently changed their design/logo on their boxes.  What I was NOT aware of was how close the gluten free waffle box looks to the regular waffle box!  Van’s, I love you, but WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! Not only did I accidentally buy this box of “Power Grains”, but then I almost made myself some when pulling the box out of the freezer in a pre-coffee haze.  The only slight differences are that they substituted “power grains” with “gluten free , substituted a strawberry for a banana slice, and a strawberry slice for a whole strawberry.  I feel like I am playing one of those “Find the Differences” games.  Haha!  The waffle stack and even the syrup spillover is oddly similar.  Just be careful out there, gluten free friends!

Have you noticed this too? Have you noticed something similar on any other products? Comment below!


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