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Disclosure: Baby Mum-Mum provided me with free samples of their product to give out to my mom friends and review on Mom’s Meet.  All opinions are honest and my own.  While writing a blog review was not required of me, I decided to share the review here for you as well. 

Recently I became involved with Moms Meet.  It’s an awesome online community for moms who are passionate about raising healthy families.  You can sign up to receive samples of healthy products (most of which are gluten free) to share with your mom friends and then give your opinion.

I was selected to review Baby Mum-Mum teething biscuits.  Since I have a 16 month old I thought she might enjoy them and the reason I’m reviewing them here is because they’re GLUTEN FREE!  While I am the only household member who is gluten free it’s just a bonus for me if the foods I buy are gluten free.  I don’t have to worry about cross contamination or saying no to G feeding her snacks to me in an effort to share. (Makes my heart melt!)

Included in my sample box were FIVE different flavors: Organic Blueberry & Goji, Organic Sweet Potato & Carrot, Banana, Apple & Pumpkin, & Vegetable.

Here are all of the perks of Baby Mum-Mum:

  • Sweetened with fruit juice
  • No salt added
  • Great for teething (dissolves easily with no mess)
  • Conveniently wrapped 2-packs (great for keeping in your car/diaper bag/purse)
  • No wheat, milk, nuts, or eggs, artificial ingredients, preservatives
  • Organic options

My daughter LOVED teething biscuits when she was younger but I wasn’t sure if she would be too old for them/if they would be too bland for her developing palate.  First, I gave her the Organic Blueberry Goji and she gobbled them right up!  She did the same with the Organic Sweet Potato Carrot.  Over time I think she got bored with them since she pretty much eats what I do anymore, but they’re great to throw in your purse or car for emergency snack time! I love that they’re gluten free and organic options are available.

I’ll be honest, there have been times when I’ve been out with G and forgot to pack myself a snack.  It’s nice that I can eat these in these situations.  I did try the Organic Blueberry Goji as well as the Sweet Potato Carrot and they’re honestly pretty good!  Since it’s geared for babies, they are bland but have a hint of sweetness to them.  They do the job when I’m starving and need something to briefly hold me over.  Is it something I would buy for myself? No, but G has been enjoying them!

Here are some options below if you would like to give Baby Mum-Mum a try yourself!Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”  Buying through this link doesn’t affect your purchase price but it does help support this blog. Thank you!!

What are your favorite gluten free snacks for your baby/toddler? Comment below! 


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